Able Tech Services

Able Home & Office is your local computer service specialists, working with business in Fiji.

With years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality in computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, windows reinstallation, and other computer servicing solutions.

At Able Home & Office, our talented team of friendly technicians are ready and willing to assist you with computer upgrades, custom PC builds, system diagnostics, data recovery, and much, much more.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you leave the store 100% satisfied, working computer in-hand.



 Able Home & Office’s computer service and repair specialists can check your PC, laptop, or other devices to ensure your system is running smoothly and efficiently.

 We can:


  • Update computer software
  • Optimise PCs, Laptops, and other hardware
  • Diagnose hardware and hard disks
  • Repair hardware and software issues
  • build custom PCs to suit your needs


If your Windows Operating System has been removed or has become infected or corrupted, our technicians can reinstall windows onto your system, eliminating most software issues.

We will:

  • Reinstall Microsoft Windows onto your PC
  • Preserve your data and files
  • Improve your operating sytem speed if needed
  • Ensure Operating SYstem is up-to-date and secure


At Able Home & Office, we have the know-how to recover lost files from a range of devices, such as Laptops, PCs, Hard Drives, Phones, Tablets, SD Cards and more.

We can:

  • Use known and reliable data recovery methods
  • Recover missing files, intact and quickly
  • Recover missing data to - and from -a variety of devices
  • Help you with secure data back-up solutions