Able Payroll Version 1.6


Able Payroll Version 1.6 is a software package for payroll processing. It is a windows-based application that meets FIJI’s tax requirements and standards.

By using the Able Payroll, pay processing would be easy. Pays are processed step by step in the friendliest ways of users. Reduced half of the time spent using manual processing. Tax is calculated automatically based on Fiji Income Tax tables along with the gross and net pay. 

You can even utilize direct bank credit facilities to speed up crediting pays to your employees and can easily generate reports for filing. 

     What’s New? 

  • Updated $30,000.00 Threshold, SRT & ECAL calculation checked and verified by FRCA
  • Automatic generation of excel & text file for FNPF.
  • FIJI Tax Table included on the database for exact calculation of employee’s tax
  • FRCA Accredited Software Developer
  • Year To Date Balances for Gross, Tax, SRL, ECAL, FNPF for Employee & Employer

Powerful Features

  • It’s easy to use and highly adaptable so you can benefit from it immediately. It will only take minutes to familiarize with the software.
  • Network ready/Multi-user – Works as a stand-alone program as well as in a network environment being accessed by several users simultaneously.
  • Administration Security – Particular module and transactions are locked by password.
  • Security and Audit Trails – Built-in security system that categorizes user accessibility; also has a built-in audit trail feature that monitors who updated the information.
  • Full reporting facility – User-refined and customization reports.
  • Accurate, faster and efficient data.
  • It creates a database for speed and reliability in tracking your data.
  • Less keystrokes – Saves your time.
  • General Ledger Interface
  • Time Management module
  • Employee Historical Pay
  • Integrated Help
  • Step-by-step payroll processing
  • Multiple Forms interface
  • Dynamic Security settings
  • Enhanced Backup facility
  • Utilities – built-in modules for backup, restore and re-indexing of data files.
  • User-friendly


Available Reports:

  • Summary Report (in five different formats)
  • Detailed Report
  • Analysis Report – w/Pay totals, Cost Centre Analysis, Deduction Listing
  • Pay Master’s Report
  • Pay-slips
  • Pay Envelope
  • Cash Analysis
  • FNPF Deduction Reports
  • Tax Instalment Summary Report
  • Bank Deduction Summary
  • Employee Loans
  • Yearly Worksheet – List of each employee’s pay history/pay details
  • Employee Listing
  • Accumulated Pays
  • Accumulated Leave
  • Special Accruals
  • YTD Accumulators Report
  • Employee Bank Deposits
  • Employee Superannuation Details
  • Employee Tax Instalments
  • Group Certificates

Major Features of the System

1)     Unlimited Number of Employees.

2)     Grouping of Employees by Branch, Department, Cost Centre, Payroll Location and Payroll Number.

3)     Unlimited Types of Allowances and Deduction codes.

4)     Automatic Accrual of Annual Leave, Long Service Leave and Sick Leave.

5)     Automatic Calculation of Overtime and Special Rates.

6)     Password Maintenance to assign passwords and access levels to each user. Every option in the menu can be assigned different access levels.

7)     Menu was designed in such a way that you know where you will find the modules.

8)     Flagging of employees to exclude employees on Leave or Terminated from being paid.

9)     Employees permanent pay definition is kept in the Employee File, particularly in the Standard Pay.

10)   Automatic Generation/Creation of Pay every pay period, which copies each employee’s standard pay to the current pay batch.

11)   Excluding or removing an employee in a pay even if he/she is not flagged as on leave or terminated.

12)   Manual pay variations option to allow any pay variations or changes to the pay.

13)   Re-computation of taxes if there were changes in the rate per hour and number of dependents, tax form lodgement and non-residency.

14)   Advance Pay facility – For automatic Loan Deductions from employees with Loans or Advance Pays.

15)   Employee inquiries available to view pay history, pay details and employee information.

16)   Audit Trail of any changes done to the system including reference files, employee file, and processing of pay.

17)   Up to 30 YTD Accumulators to accumulate YTD allowances or group of Allowances or group of Deductions (especially useful for printing the statement of earnings at the end of the year.)

18)   Fully interfaced with ANZ, BSP and Westpac bank direct credit facilities.

19)   Information accuracy is double-checked before saving.

20)   Deletion is restricted to ensure consistency in the data in the system.